Quality is a way of life

We maintain high standard of workmanship through dedication and commitment by following global industry standards to achieve uniformity and excellence in order to satisfy specific user requirements, thereby achieving quality products on time and budget.

Quality is assured through a systems based approach to design, sourcing, construction and testing of products manufactured by Power Economy, at all stages and throughout all processes.

Prior to and during the design process, we maintain close communication with our customers, listening to their requirements and proposing solutions to their needs. Once the final requirements are confirmed, our Design team will draft a preliminary plan of the product, based on the site requirements and coupled with best practices and the current global Electrical Standards.

Our quality team ensures conformity of the product to the policies and guidelines of the utilities/customers and countries and confirms observance of rigorous safety rules right from the design to realization of the installation.

Our quality team is well equipped with an array of all the necessary test instruments and conducts various tests right from those on sourced out components. Every test procedures is followed to ensure conformity of the final product to the policies and guidelines of the utilities/customers and countries. Our quality team has a thorough knowledge of various standards followed by different countries and utilities.

To enhance our testing capabilities for high voltage and high current equipment Power Economy has established in-house facility for lightning impulse test up to 600kV peak. Temperature rise test and Ingress protection test labs established within the factory premises ensure delivered products actually undergo the service environment before they are delivered.

Power Economy is the ONLY Company in this region to have all these facilities in-house.

All business activities at Power Economy including manufacturing follows procedures certified for Quality management system ISO 9001:2015, Environmental management system ISO 14001:2015, Occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001:2018 and have certification of TUV.

In addition to this high quality drive within the company, for certain product validation processes Power Economy have conducted more than 40 type test at internationally recognized laboratories.