Reactive Power Compensation

Technical Details
Rated,voltage0.4kV to 36kV
Rated frequency50/60Hz
Power frequency withstand voltageUp to 95kVrms*
Lightning impulse voltageUp to 170kV peak*
Short time current withstand capacityUp to 31.5kA/3s (for MV) & 50kA/1s (for LV)
Degree of protection for enclosureUp to IP55
Design ambient temperatureUp to 55ºC
* Higher BIL designs are possible on request
  • Reactive Power Compensation Solutions for primary and secondary distribution systems of 0.4 to 36kV voltage level
  • Indoor or outdoor type installations with metal enclosed and open rack designs
  • Current inrush limiting and tuning type designs with air or iron core reactors
  • Fixed or switched type of operations with automatic control
  • Type tested solutions as per IEC 60871, IEC 62271-200 & IEC 61921
  • Mechanical interlocks for safe accessibility
  • Engineered as per specific needs
  • Metal enclosed with tuning & damping reactors
  • Open rack mounted
  • Pole or Pad mounted
  • Air & iron core reactors
Salient Features:
  • Outdoor or Indoor type enclosures with steel base frame
  • Outer skeleton of welded angle frame
  • Cladding by sheet steel doors and covers painted with epoxy or polyester powder paint
  • Bubble gaskets used for providing required IP rating in outdoor type
  • Canopy provided by additional steel sheets on top providing natural air column for heat protection
  • All cable termination at the bottom with aluminum gland plates
  • Open rack and pole mounted solutions with high creepage distances
  • Internally or externally fused capacitor units
  • Type tested switching devices validated for back-to- back switching capability
  • Naturally cooled enclosures with high IP ratings
  • Mechanical interlocks for safe operation
  • Option of stages to be segregated with through type bushings
  • Option of outdoor type detuning reactors to be installed in separate GRP enclosure
  • Indoor control and protection panel engineered for specific protection and control needs

Type Testing

The capacitor bank solutions are type tested, as relevant for following tests as per IEC 60871 and IEC 62271- 200:

  • Short time withstand current test on main circuit for 31.5kA/3s
  • Short time withstand current on earth circuit for 31.5kA/3s
  • Impulse voltage withstand test
  • Power frequency voltage withstand test
  • Temperature rise test
  • Ingress protection test

Low voltage capacitor banks are type tested for following tests as per IEC 61921

  • Short time withstand current
    test on busbars for 50kA/1s
  • Power frequency voltage
    withstand test
  • Temperature rise test
  • Strength of materials and parts
  • Strength of materials and parts
  • Confirmation on EMC


Team of expert engineers does application engineering of various protection and measuring devices. Drawing activities are perform edusing AutoCAD and advanced software like ELECDES & PANELDES

Inspection & Testing

Dedicated inspection team carries out inspection of sub-components and finished panels. Modern test instruments like OMICRON CMC356 and FREJA300 are used for testing of protection relays.