Power System Automation

At Power Economy, our solutions are driven by innovation. We realize what it takes to build a solution, is a good investment today that supports the roadmap towards effective long-term Asset Management & Grid Control.

Working closely with Power Utilities and EPC Contractors in the region, Power Economy offers turnkey automation solutions based on latest technologies and standards.

Our solutions, adopting latest digital technologies for Substation Control, Protection & Automation provide a means for effective monitoring and utilization of critical and valuable assets of power utilities. This detailed insight helps every Utility Company to focus better on their primary business function of delivering power in a reliable, safe and efficient manner.

Our local presence combined with an experienced and dedicated team, provide our Client/Customers a one- stop-facility for all their generation, transmission and distribution needs related to automation, controls, metering and power quality enhancement.

Our Solutions include:

  • System Integration for SCADA/ RTU & Substation Automation Systems
  • SCADA Adaptation Works/ Interface Panels (SIP/CCC/DMS) complete with transducers, interposing relays and terminals to meet defined I/O and Technical Specs
  • Total solutions for integrating new substations to existing LDC/ DMS centers and modification of existing protection schemes for integration to control centers
  • Engineering & Operator Workstation HMI’s for RTU/ SCMS solutions
  • Substation bay level control, metering & monitoring systems
  • SDH/PDH telecommunication networks
  • Engineering of SCADA/RTU/ SCMS automation projects including CAD facility
  • State-of-the-art testing facilities
  • In-house manufacturing of cubicles and racks for all automation applications as per IEC and other relevant standards

Our engineering expertise:

  • Multifunction IEDs
  • Bay controllers
  • Software platforms
  • IEC61850 inter-substation communication

We specialize in IEC-61850 based automation and protection relay systems and have developed a simulator for testing communication and inter-operability of IED devices & for training purposes.


  • Simulate CT & VT
  • Simulate Breakers, Switches & Events
  • Multiple Vendor IEDs
  • Explore Multifunctional IED features
  • IEC based automation scheme
  • Advanced 1 Gbit/s Fiber Ethernet Network
  • Validate Network Communication
  • Perform point-to-point tests
  • Commission HMI

Protocol Expertise:

  • IEC 61850
  • IEC 60870-5-101,103,104
  • Modbus
  • DNP3
  • GOOSE - inter device
  • SCADA byte protocols
  • SCADA bit protocols