Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Main Distribution Boards ( MDB’s)
  • Sub Distribution Boards (SMDB`s)
  • Distribution Boards ( DB’s)
  • Motor Control Centre (MCC)
  • Automatic Load sharing and synchronizing Panel
  • Modular Design of Enclosure System
  • Withdrawable, Fixed and Plug-in compartments structure
  • Type Tested to IEC 60-439-1 with latest Air Circuit Breakers, Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, Fuse Switches, and Control components
Technical Details
Enclosure Modular assembly system
Degree of Protection IP20 to IP54
Internal Division Form 1 to 4
Enclosure Colour Blue, BS 4800 blue or Grey RAL 7032
Bus bar system Rated Current 225 A to 7800 A
Rated Short - Time Withstand Current 5.4 kA to 120 kA
Rated Operational Voltage 690 V

Air Circuit Breakers: Air Circuit Breakers are available up to nominal voltages 690 volts with 10 continuous ratings 800 to 6,300 amperes and interrupting withstand ratings of up to 100kA for 1second. Fixed and Withdrawable units are available in 3 or 4 pole designs

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers: The MCCB range includes standard thermal and magnetic as well as electronic trip units for ultimate system flexibility in different frame sizes from 16 to 2,500 amperes, interrupting capacities up to 100kA and voltages up to 690 volts.

Fuse Switches: With ratings up to 2,000 amperes and 690 volts range of Fuse Switches and Disconnect devices provide unparalleled solutions for isolating and switching resistive or inductive loads.

Miniature Circuit Breakers: With a full range of miniature circuit breakers and accessories provides final circuit protection for all small power and lighting requirements. With trip characteristics types B, C and D and single, double, triple and four pole configurations, a wide range of protection for any specific application can be met. A range of earth leakage protection is also provided within this modular range.

Protection and Control: Controls are conveniently located at the front of the unit where they can be easily accessed. A full range of programmable and electronic trip units are available to offer you a choice of protection, information and communication capabilities to meet your specific requirements.

Quality assurance: Power Economy assures quality of all its product and services. Power Economy business process is certified for ISO:9001-2000