Control and Protection Panels
  • Control & protection panels
  • Interfacing and annunciation panels
  • Indoor type enclosures
  • Single and double door arrangement
  • Sheet steel fabricated construction
  • Type tested for ingress protection
  • Engineered for specific protection and control needs
Technical Details
Degree of protection for enclosure IP 42 to IP52
Design ambient temperature 35ºC to 55ºC
Overhead lines and cable feeder protection schemes  
Busbar protection schemes  
Under frequency and loading shedding schemes  
Generator protection schemes  

Enclosures: Power Economy control and protection panels are self-standing, independent extensible type functional units. The panels can be installed as individual units or can be coupled together in an array, representing main equipment. Panel enclosure are made-up of prefabricated 2/3mm EG sheet steel components. CNC and NC machines are used for manufacturing enclosure components. Fabricated components are pretreated and powder coated providing protection against environment.

Components: Single or double door arrangements are available. Apparatus can be mounted on door and also on fixed type mounting plates. Double door arrangement with transparent inspection door can also be provided. Panel enclosures suiting mounting of 19" Rack systems for automation and PLCs are optionally available.

Wiring: Wiring of apparatus is done with PVC insulated control wires of reputed makes. Special insulation wires are also optionally available. Terminal blocks, protection relays, measuring and monitoring apparatus shall be as per client specifications.

Quality assurance: Power Economy assures quality of all its product and services. Power Economy business process is certified for ISO:9001-2000